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Please suggest exercises for a diabetic person?

Q: I am an insulin dependent diabetic, I wanted to know what kind of weight gaining exercises can I do to gain weight?

A:Exercises are very essential for you. You should monitor your blood sugar level before and after exercises. I suggest, flexibility exercises would be ideal for you. Avoid high impact resistance exercises. Walking would be an ideal way to start. If you are comfortable, 30 minutes of walking should be enough. You can start with 10 minutes and build up to 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, check your sugar level and then progress to 30 minutes. If you are going for floor exercises, please do 5 minutes of warming up and 5 minutes of cool down exercises. You should avoid evening exercises. I would not suggest weight gain for you. Any extra weight will give you an added risk of heart problems. Be aware of your own blood sugar pattern. Keep yourself hydrated. During exercises, keep sipping water. Keep packets of sugar ready in case you have symptoms of hypoglycaemia. If you want do swimming or cycling, that also should be fine. Take care you wear a comfortable footwear and keep a check for any signs of rashes, tightness or sores. Your shoes should have a proper cushioned sole and a wide toe box. Wear socks of the material that absorbs sweat to keep your feet clean and dry and prevent infections.


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