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Please suggest a diet chart for hypertension.

Q: My 64 years old father has been a patient of hypertension for a month and recently was hospitalised for high blood pressure (BP). It was 190 mm Hg and he had a minor paralysis problem in his left hand. The doctor prescribed him medication for hypertension and paralysis. Now his blood pressure is normal but he is under too much tension and stress. For breakfast he has been taking upma, rawa, Marie biscuit since a week and he takes very light lunch and dinner. Can you please advise a suitable meal for my father? Please recommend some home remedies for high blood pressure.

A:You cannot 'cure' hypertension, but there's a very good chance that with lifestyle treatment (the right diet, losing weight, regular exercise) and medical treatment you can get hypertension under control and significantly lower your risk of developing life-threatening diseases. Keep in mind:

  • No extra salt other than prescribed should be used.
  • Avoid baking powder and soda in all the preparations.
  • Avoid salty items, chips, pickles, and pappad.
  • Avoid canned and tinned foodstuff, which contains salt.
  • Avoid salted butter and cheese.
  • Avoid sea fish, dried fish, and salted meat.
  • Sour lime or vinegar may be used to make food palatable.
  • Increase fibre in the diet in the form of cereals, vegetables and fruits.
  • Take only adequate calories.
Sample diet plan Menu Early morning - Tea Breakfast - 11.00am Milk / tea / coffee- skimmed milk Dalia/ oats porridge/ Besan chila / stuffed chapatti / sprouts chat/ Apple / papaya / pear / water melon Lunch 2 chapatti Whole moong dal / any dal preferably whole dal Ghia subzi/Dry karela Curd / vegetable raita Evening tea - Tea / coffee / Whole wheat veg sandwich/ 2 idlis Dinner Tomato or vegetable soup 1 chapatti vegetable – green leafy twice a week 1 glass buttermilk with 1 tsp flax seeds Salad


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