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Plastic surgery

Q: I have heard that a plastic surgeon in Apollo hospital, Madras, can replace the breast by filling it after it has been removed by operation. I have also heard that in U.S.A., a woman can be made a virgin by operations after she has had babies. My question is can a woman's sagging breasts be straightened? If yes, where & how should she go about it?

A:Yes, the breasts can be reconstructed after they have been removed because of cancer or any other surgical reason. We can use the patients own tissues or implants to reconstruct a new breast. As regards the second query, there are plastic surgical procedures where in the vagina and the vaginal opening can be narrowed as in a virgin (a person who has not had sexual intercourse). The answer to the third question is also in the affirmative. There are procedures which can lift (straighten) the sagging breasts. These procedures can be undertaken by any qualified plastic surgeon. You need to consult a plastic surgeon who can then guide you regarding your problems and give you the options available.


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