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Pimples on my genitals

Q: I have got small pimple like spots on my genitals, which is mainly where the hair is growing. But there is no pain. I also feel itching sensation sometimes. The pimples become yellow in colour, and once the puss is removed, it goes off. However, this is not a big botheration except for the itiching which causes rashes. But it caused me a lot of discomfort and botheration especially in public places. I would like you to advice me on what can be done to avoid this problem.

A:Pimples like the ones which occur on the face are very rare on the genitals. A condition called Hidradenitis suppurativa can occur on the genitals. In this condition there can be black heads which makes the condition resemble acne. This is a rare condition and requires expert evaluation. Treatment is given according to the severity of the condition. On the other hand it maybe a case of recurrent folliculitis. You maybe having some itchy dermatoses like Seborrhoeic dermatitis, contact dermatitis etc. which may have been superimposed by pustules of bacterial origin. There is another condition called Fox-Fordyce disease in which there are small round bumps at the roots of hair and is associated with itching. I suggest you consult your local dermatologist. A diagnosis has to be made before any line of management can be suggested.


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