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Piles - treatment

Q: I am suffering from piles. At present there is no blood with stool and also there is no pain, but i have itching, which causes me inconvenience. I want to enquire if there is a permanenet solution for this or are the cures only temporary. Please advise.

A:Piles are localized dilatations of veins present at a point 4 cm inside the anal orifice. The effect of this dilatation is to cause blood to squeeze out during passage of feces. The piles also generate some swelling, which can cause itching.Patients with piles must be examined by a doctor to rule out other conditions, which can manifest with similar symptoms. These other conditions include fissure, and rarely polyp or tumour. At your age tumour is highly unlikely. The treatment of piles is:
1. by diet therapy, which controls them in 50-75% of cases. The diet should contain fiber, as in vegetables and fruits. The piles can recur.(A drug, called Daflon, is often added to help with diet therapy, and offers a 10-20% improvement in the results of diet therapy).
2. by injections, which sclerose the dilated veins. The injections are successful in about 90% of patients. The piles can recur.
3. by the application of rubber bands. Banding controls piles in over 90% of patients. The piles can recur.(Injections or band proceduress take 5 minutes, and the patient can go home immediately.)
4. by an operation to remove the piles. After the operation the patient can go home in 2-4 days. There may be some pain at the operated site for a day or two, and some residual soreness for another week.
After surgery the piles almost never recur. Visit your surgeon to decide on the optimal regime for you.


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