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Pain - swelling on feet

Q: My wife has pain in the lower part of her feet along with swellng. What is the remedy?

A:Many conditions can cause swelling and pain in the bottom of feet. If your wife is overweight, losing some weight would certainly help. Does she have any problems with her heart, thyroid, diabetes, etc.? A visit to a physician to be tested for these conditions should be the first step. If all tests are normal, I suggest some tight fitting stockings for feet. That does reduce feet swelling. As for pain in the bottom of feet, If the pain is worse on waking up in the morning, she may have a condition calledplantar fasciitis. The treatment is ice on the heel of feet two to three times a day, wearing comfortable shoes with good arch support, stretching the Achilles' tendon, and using over the counter pain medicines like ibuprofen, naprosyn etc. Hope this helps.


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