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Pain in the knee

Q: I am suffering from joint pains especially my left knee. My doctor suggested me to get the uric acid levels checked which has come out to be higher than the normal levels.

A:From your description your symptoms seem to be because of high uric acid levels. You may have persistent symptoms even when your uric acid levels return to normal. However, it is important to keep uric acid levels low by dietary restrictions and if it continues to be high then daily intake of zyloric. This apparently you are already doing. Your knee will have to be assessed clinically for any associated cartilage damage or any other problem. High uric acid may be only an incidental finding in some patients with knee pain and swelling. In presence of swelling you need to be on regular exercises of front of thigh muscles to prevent wasting of muscles. If you do not do this you will have difficulty in walking, climbing stairs. Do have a fresh assessment of current knee status by an orthopaedic surgeon.


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