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Pain and heaviness in the chest

Q: I am facing with problem of severe retrosternal burning, mild chest pain on off with heaviness, stomach burning, left shoulder burning pain after each food (but not spreading to arm). Some time the shoulder pain is severe after food. I have a very low appetite and I am facing gas trouble also. I am getting easily tired after food. I have a weight loss of 6 kgs from the last 3-4 months. I have regular morning walk of 40 minutes a day. My cholestrol level was found a little bit high (total cholesterol 270, HDL-42, LDL-192, Triglycerides-180) but at present its normal after some medication (total cholestrol 220,HDL-42, LDL-76,Triglyceride-110). My Blood pressure reading was high like 160/100 & 140/90, hence as advised I am taking Amlotbet(OD), ENAM-5(BD),DOXACARD(OD)& Omez(OD) for the last one year. My TMT, 2-D-Echo, Endoscopy(Abdomen, 8 months back) were normal showing low possibility of significant CAD. Is the above burning sensation, indigestion and shoulder pain indicate any seriousiness or a warning sign of any severe heart problem? Is the above treatement sufficient?

A:Your symptoms in all probability are not related to heart. However you have a number of risk factors. You must keep your BP below 140/85 mms Hg, LDL Cholesterol below 100 mgs. Continue physical exercises and eat a low fat diet. A TMT test should be repeated every year and the lipid profile every 6 months. I think you are on the right lines of treatment.


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