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Oral thrush and eye infection in a baby

Q: My son is two and a half months old and in this short period he has had quiet a few problems. He is exclusively on breast-feeding. The multiple problems faced by us are: He keeps on getting Thrush in his mouth, the growth inside the mouth isn’t boils exactly, what we see is white deposits that look like curd pasted onto the inner cheek. For this we have been applying “Lotril” and when we do so the growth subsides but then reccurs after a day or two. We have had “Buccal Smear” test done twice but unfortunately the sample was picked when there was no growth in his mouth due to the medicine. His digestive system also seems to be weak, as we have to make lot of efforts to make him burp. Few days back he had loose motions and mucus was also present in the stool. He also passed some stains of blood with the motion. He also gets some sticky discharge from his eyes and at times a constant flow of water from the eyes. We were advised to see an immunologist by one doctor but the other said that since his weight gain was normal we needn’t see the specialist. Please advise us the right course of action.

A:If he is growing well and the development is fine then just relax. Apply Lotril and continue to do so for 3-4 days even after the lesion has cleared. It is not certain that he had blood in his stools. You need to observe this carefully and get a stool test done to confirm. For his eye discharge you need to consult an eye specialist who would advice you on how to keep eyes clean and how to do a good lachrymal sac massage. If there are still any concerns please visit a good paediatrician.


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