Oral sex

Q: I am a 27 year old married man. I am having a good married life so far. This question is concerned with our sexual pleasure. We do intercorse almost everyday. But I felt that my wife is not enjoying through a normal intercourse. My enjoyment really depends on the gestures she shows during the intercourse. Then just to make her happy I started exploring her vagina with my tongue. I found she was getting thrilled like anything. Then I tried it all the days. Now we do this 69 position everyday rather than intercourse. The ejaculation also happens by this time. My self and she almost take liquid in our mouth and wash after we finish. My question is that - is there any problem for continuing this oral sex, as we enjoy it quite a lot. I even lick inside her vagina and squeeze it all the time.

A:Vigorous peno-vaginal thrusting alone is not a fool-proof formula for female gratification. Research has shown that a large percentage of women (figures vary from one-thirds to two thirds) can attain orgasm only through direct clitoral stimulation. This is most probably what you are achieving with oral stimulation of the vagina. There is nothing wrong with it. You may continue.


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