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Myocardial bridge and throat choking

Q: I have undergone coronary angiography following a sudden throat-choking complication (when ECG revealed flattened curve from V1-V6). The throat-choking happened only twice, first in 1999 and then in 2001. The angiography report indicated no blockage of coronary arteries but LAD showed myocardial bridge. I am presently advised to take tab Dilgem 60 mg TDS only. My LDL is 183 and HDL is 79. Triglyceride and sugar are within normal limits. Echo-cardiography-0.60(normal). In stress test, endurance is only 4.5 minutes. Please suggest whether I need to consult any cardio-vascular surgeon or need to take any measures to prevent future ocurrence of the same. Also let me know if I can continue to eat fish at both meals. Is there any natural way to avert recurrence of the problem and to reduce cholesterol?

A:Your throat clotting which has occurred twice may have nothing to do with your muscle bridge. The muscle bridge does not require any surgical treatment. Your LDL cholesterol is very high and even though your HDL is high, you need to be careful and may require cholesterol-lowering drugs for which you can see a Cardiologist. You do not need to eat fish twice a day. Meet a dietician for dietary advice. Your low exercise capacity may be related to your lack of fitness. You should exercise regularly to increase fitness and achieve optimal weight.


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