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My testis is not inside the scrotum, is it harmful?

Q: I am 25 years old. One of my testicles is not in the scrotum. It is next to the testis in the right place but it is not inside the sac. I feel it is suspended next to the sac. My scrotum is also underdeveloped on the right side, which could be the reason for testis not in the sac. How dangerous is this? Is surgery necessary? If I don't get the surgery done, will it affect my sexual life? How expensive is the surgery?

A:As you describe it is unlikely you will have any significant problem. I must clear your doubts. 1. If the testis is seen and palpable, it is normal. Higher or lower does not matter. Some individuals have a little higher location in the scrotum. 2. On the face of it, such location does not require any surgical correction. 3. Even if testis is abnormally placed it does not affect sexual functions but it may affect fertility (unlikely in your case), it would be better you consult a urologist/surgeon and get it confirmed and relieve yourself of anxiety once and for all.


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