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My son is passing frequent watery stools; what should I do?

Q: My 5-year old son passes frequent watery stools. This is happening since few months ago. We have done the stool test - which says it is normal except for pus cells (2-3) & undigested food present. He eats well. At times he complains of stomach pain when he is passing his stool. My family doctor says we may need to do a sonography - but I am hesitant about it as exposing a child to radiation is not fair. I worry about him. My family doctor advised Tini-suspension but no relief. Please advise.

A:Well if your child is having loose stools since few months it definitely requires to be looked into. There are a lot of questions which need to be answered - any weight loss or inadequate weight gain, activity, pallor, abdominal distension etc. Get stool test for trophozoites of amoeba / giardia. I wonder how sonography will help, though I must also clarify that it has no radiation exposure as believed by you.


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