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My nephew wastes time in playing video games, how can I make him study?

Q: My sister's son is 10 years old and studies in the 5th standard. He is good in playing video games and other games, but not good in studying. He cannot concentrate on studies and forgets things quickly. He wastes his time by drinking water 2-3 times while studying and going to the toilet, which is unusual when he is playing games. He also forgets his books and other things in school. His mother punishes him by caning him but there is no change in his habits. Please advise.

A:There are too few details of the problem to even begin suggesting a solution. Nevertheless, from whatever has been stated, I will try to imagine the scene. The father seems to be absent in the picture. Boys generally admire their fathers and treat them as a role model. He may not be physically present, but whether he is psychologically there for the boy, is not clear. The mother should NOT be caning her son. She should be able to discuss her rules with her son and make him understand. Affection and firmness are the best combination for a parent bringing up a child. The child is not a machine for finishing school work and passing exams, but a human being with his own hopes, aspirations, interests and abilities. An attempt must be made by a close family member to talk to him and find out why he is indifferent to his studies. I think a Psychologist or School Counsellor should be consulted as to why a healthy ten year old is not motivated to be an achiever. The parents must take a stronger interest in the child's happiness .When he feels secure and loved, he will also want to do well in school and to have his parents approve of him.


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