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My mother has multiple problems, how can I convince her to lose weight?

Q: My mother is 57 years old. She has arthritis and she has put on a lot of weight over the years which is giving her problems like high blood pressure and joint aches. She's active but she cannot walk briskly. She has an odd figure, most of the weight is on her stomach and arms. Her family has a tendency of obesity in older women. They also have a family history of heart problems and diabetes. She doesn't eat much but she can't resist sweets. She puts loads of brown sugar in her tea and gets upset if someone stops her. She has tried everything to lose weight but at her age she thinks it’s impossible. Please give a proper diet plans, which my mother can follow.

A:Well, your mother does need to lose weight and follow a proper exercise regime and a diet regime. Her medical conditions of arthritis and diabetes need special care. I suggest you need to sit down and talk to her about the benefits of losing weight and being active. This is not a medical advice, but, it does work with a lot of women. You can get her a few outfits in which she looks slimmer and that might do the trick to get her started. I am afraid no diet alone will not make her lose weight and being a diabetic that may be risky. Depending on her sugar levels, your Doctor will advise you the right diet for her. Her pathological reports of arthritis will dictate her diet too by the doctor. I can suggest you a few tips for her exercises and her activity. 1. Get her blood sugar, ECG, and Stress test done. 2. Keep her hydrated throughout. 3. If her blood sugar is above 200 mg/dl, bring it down to an acceptable level. She can do walking and not vigorous exercises. 4. Once she starts exercising, keep a check for signs of hypoglycaemia. (dizziness, faintness, sweating, trembling, double vision.). If they occur, give her some sugar. 5. Avoid exercises at peak insulin activity. For most diabetics, morning exercises are the best. If she has Type-1 diabetes, she should avoid evening exercises. 6. If she has arthritis and her stress test will also reveal her heart condition, she may get a little swelling on the feet. Keep her feet elevated for some time on a high pillow or stool. It will go away. This may occur initially only. 7. Start with 5 minutes of walking and bring it up to 20 minutes or so. You can then gradually add aerobic exercises. 8. You will need to be firm with her if you want results.


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