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My daughter keeps crying on waking up until she's comforted, what should I do?

Q: My daughter is 4 years and 5 months old. Whenever she gets up after sleeping, she wants her mother to hold her in her lap for 45 minutes. Otherwise she continues to cry and throws all house hold objects. We are fed up with her behaviour. She remains irritated most of the times. What should we do?

A:Since you are mentioning the problem now, is it of recent origin? Or has it been the pattern from the very start? If the child has been held by her mother from her earliest months, it has become a pattern. It will take time and patience to get her out of the habit. If the practice (of wanting her mothers lap when she wakes up) is somewhat more recent, you must try and find out what experience set it off. The child is expressing her frustration somewhat strongly. Instead of getting irritated with her and feeling depressed by it, treat the whole situation as a game. Make jokes about and do some clowning around to show that you don't take her too seriously. But before all this, make sure she has no physical health problems. Get a thorough check by a kind and patient Pediatrician. Give her an early dinner with a diet suitable for children, not an adult diet. Follow the rules of good health for all children under six: 1) TV for not more than one hour a day 2) No Cola drinks, tea or coffee 3) Soothing music or stories told by the parents at the child's bedtime 4) No quarrelling in the presence of the child 5) Ensure that the child is fully looked after by responsible caretakers throughout the day and that she is not exposed to some unpleasant experience. If the problem persists, please see a Psychologist or Counsellor in your own city or when you can travel to a metropolis. No child would wishfully seek to be babied. You have to go to the facts behind the behaviour. All the best.


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