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My daughter is obsessed with masturbation, what should I do?

Q: My step daughter has been showing signs of sexual and physical abuse after she comes back from her mother's. She is 6 years old and is obsessed with masturbating. She takes it as far as putting finger and toys inside her vagina. She is also having her little brother doing it to her. She has tried to get my son to finger her also. She is not only sticking things vaginally, but anally as well. She is also doing this to many children at school. How can I stop her from doing this? I have to hover over here 24 hours a day. She says it feels good and she won't stop. Please help me. What can I do to keep her away from molesting other children.

A:Get professional psychological help for your daughter and for the family on how to deal with it urgently. You can follow some guidelines - a) Instead of scolding her, try to distract her b) Listen to her c) Use dolls and stories to explain how some parts of the body are private and not to be touched unnecessarily d) Get her medically examined and assessed to check if she has any medical problem too.


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