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My daughter doesn't want us to adopt a child, what do we do?

Q: I have a 10 years old daughter. Both my husband and I are busy professionals. My child is becoming more and more of a loner. She only gets along with us and likes to spend time with us. We also spend time with her as much as possible. But now for my own self and company of my child, I would like to adopt a child. The challenge is that my child is not agreeing for the same as she feels that by getting another child in the house, she will lose her love and attention. How should I convince her?

A:An only child can become very dependent, physically and emotionally, on the parents. Your daughter seems to be used to all the attention, and is already becoming a loner. Instead of thinking of adopting a child at this stage, it would be advisable to focus on getting help for her as well as tips on parenting a single child yourselves. As it is, you both are busy professionals, and finding time to raise a child would involve more strain, as well as having less time for your daughter. Try to resolve her issues before you bring another child into the family, since she is openly against the idea.


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