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My child is infected with Hepatitis A, what to do?

Q: My son who is 2 years and four months old is now infected with Hepatitis A as per tests results. Now I want to know what treatment should be followed and what precautions should be taken? What test should be done? Right now we are giving him Hepamerz and Laderflas syrup.

A:Hepatitis A is the commonest cause of hepatitis, which manifests as jaundice. It is a self-limiting illness, from which recovery usually takes place over 10-12 days. Since children with hepatitis have poor appetite, it is advisable that they take adequate amounts of fluids orally, even if they do not have a good appetite for solids. In any case apart from with-holding fats & oils, no special dietary precautions are needed. The patients can have fat free ,clean home cooked food as much as their appetite allows. Hepatitis A , usually is a mild disease for which no specific treatment is required. The drugs that you are giving your child are fine and nothing else is needed. However, A few children may not accept orally at all, or may vomit excessively. Rarely some may become drowsy or develop bleeding through rectum or with vomiting. These children require to be admitted.


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