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My child has no control over urine and stools, what to do?

Q: Doctor I have a 7yr old son who was operated for meningomyelocele. Now the problem is that he is unable stop his urine and stool. Both his feet below the ankles are sensationless. But the serious problem is that the docters said yhay he will die by the age of 4-5yrs due to kidney failure. He is also severely underweight and short in stature. Please help and advise me on: 1. How to improve his health? 2. Precautions to avoid kidney failure. 3. Whom should we contact in the world for latest technique to stop his urine & stool? 4. How to avoid his death?

A:There are several issues that you have raised. Firstly, there is no immediate danger to your childs life if he is handled by a specialist who understands this problem. Your child will require some tests which will tell us the exact seriousness of the problem. These tests should include: 1. Urine test for infection 2. Kidney function tests - blood urea and creatinine 3. Ultrasound scan of the kidneys 4. MCU 5. Bladder pressure studies 6. Kidney scans It is possible to do these tests in India and all major cities have these facilities. I am sure, that much can be done for your child, to protect his kidneys and to try to make him dry. You just need to visit the right doctor in your city.


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