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My child has cough, eczema and is fussy, what to do?

Q: My son is 1.5 years old and he has had cough and cold. He also has eczema problem, which I have too, I still breast feed him but used to give him soymilk, which he has refused to have. He does not hold his milk bottle and wants me all the time besides him, but he likes to drink black tea or water. He is a fussy eater but he likes to eat apples, cornflakes, biscuits, French fries, banana but no vegetables or mashed rice with vegetables, which he used to eat earlier, and is allergic to dal. He becomes very aggressive when he wants to have his way all the time. He wants me to carry him all the time.

A:When the child is ill and suffering from a cough and from eczema, it is hardly the right time to send him to a creche or nursery. Give him plenty of whatever he likes to eat. Any one type of food, like mashed rice, can easily be substituted by other carbohydrate- rich food. Children need a lot of assurance and closeness, when they feel unwell or insecure. In six months, as he grows up, he will do things on his own and even refuse to let you hold his hand when he walks! Common sense and affection will take care of most problems.


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