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My child cries a lot during passing stools and urine?

Q: I have a month and half old baby boy. He was certified normal at the time of discharge after my delivery. He at times cries a lot while passing urine and seems to be applying pressure most of the time (as people do to pass stool). He is taking proper feed and passes stool and urine also satisfactorily. I am a bit worried about the above; kindly advise.

A:The excessive crying could be because of colic most probably induced by air ingested during feeding. If it occurs all the time while passing urine, it could be because of phimosis (tight-foreskin) or pinhole meatus of urethra or due to some other congenital anomaly of the urethra. It is essential to check the genitalia by a pediatrician immediately. This is to prevent damage to kidneys in future.


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