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My baby has imperforate anus, what to do?

Q: We are in a big trouble for the abnormal birth of our baby boy. My baby born was last week fully healthy, but after the birth we noticed that he has no rectum. Immediately we admitted him in hospital for immediate surgery, the doctor advised that surgery is not possible at this time and we have to wait for one year for the child to grow up and internal organs, and now they put small tube through stomach to remove faeces from large intestine. Doctor, after a rectal surgical operation can we bring the baby to a 100% normal condition? Is it curable?

A:It appears from the description that your baby has imperforate anus for which a colostomy has already been done. The malformations are fairly common and you need not feel unduly concerned. The emergency treatment has already been done. The next operation will be done when the baby is 6-9 months of age. Before this next operation, some tests will be done to determine the extent of the defect. Only then can a realistic assessment be made about the long term issues. Keep in touch with your paediatric surgeon who will explain everything in detail.


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