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My baby does not sleep sideways and spits out milk, is he fine?

Q: My one and a half months old boy usually sleeps facing straight. His paediatrician, however, recommends sleeping on the sides - a position my boy doesn't seem to be comfortable in. Please advise whether I should forcefully make him sleep on his sides? He spits milk after every feed. Is this dangerous, can he get choked if unattended? At what age does the neck become self supporting? My son takes feed every 2.5 hours, is this normal?

A:Let your baby sleep in whatever position he feels comfortable in. It does not matter. It is normal for a baby to bring out small amounts of curdled milk after feeding. It does not indicate any illness and will not harm the baby. A young baby needs frequent feeds. The time schedule is usually decided by the baby. Most would require a feed every 3 hours or so. During a wakeful state this period may get reduced to 2 hours or even less while at times a baby may sleep for more than 4 hours without waking up for a feed.


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