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My 2 year old cannot bend her knees, what should we do?

Q: My daughter is 2.5 years old and she was born as a breech baby by a caesarian section. Since birth both her legs do not fold and she is able to bend only 90 degrees. As per our orthopaedic doctors suggestion the ligament is tight and to loosen it she is undergoing daily physiotherapy. But we notice that her bending improvement is very slow even after 6 months of physiotherapy. She can walk and is very active otherwise. Kindly advise us whether we are on the right path?

A:What kind of exercise programme are you doing for your daughter? Have you learnt the patterns to be done at home? Primarily the exercises must include positions and postures which involve longer durations of knee bending and the pelvic girdle mobility must be achieved. If she is already walking, the pattern of the walk must be analysed to assess the patterns needing attention. If you are not satisfied with the progress perhaps another physio opinion may help, without undue harassment to the child.


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