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Meniscal injury

Q: I would like to draw your attention that i have been suffering from medial meniscus cartilage problem in my left knee. For this I had gone through arthroscopy in Safderjung hospital, Delhi, one year back. Now sometimes, I feel pinpoint pain in my left knee and when I walk too much, then the same problem occurs. My age is about 24 years. I want to know is this some type of surgical problem or it is post operation symptoms? Please give me your precious advice in this respect.

A:Injury to the medial meniscus may be associated with other injuries of ligaments or cartilage of the knee. Since you have not mentioned anything about this, I assume any such obvious injuries were not found in your case. You have not mentioned exact location of the pain. You have only given a general description of pinpoint pain in left knee. The site of pain could help localize the nature of the problem. Is the pain on the kneecap, under the kneecap or at the site of the joint level, which could be the innerpart of the knee? It is part of the concerned knee? Do you have pain at the scar of arthroscopy? Details must be available to make any opinion particularly because yours is an operated case.


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