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Lowered HDL levels

Q: My total cholesterol was 170 mg%, HDL 50mg%, LDL 49mg% but triglycerides was 365mg% about two months ago. After taking Gemfibrozil 600 mg for the first month total cholesterol came down to 150mg%, HDL 40mg%, LDL to 80mg% and triglycerides to 220mg%. Now it is 170 (total cholesterol), 30(HDL), 90(LDL) and 230 triglycerides. As the HDL is going down should I continue Gemfibrozil. I am diabetic since 1991 but it is under control and I take Glycigon 80mg twice a day.

A:I can understand your concern. I think Niacin may be a better agent for your kind of lipid profile. It is a very potent reducer of triglycerides and also increases HDL cholesterol. It is available easily as a retard preparation. The doses are increased gradually. The starting dose is 375 to 500 mgs per day taken at bed time increased to 1 to 2 grams over a period of a few months. It is absolutely safe. The best thing will be to get in touch with your doctor with this suggestion.


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