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low-grade fever

Q: I have been suffering from low-grade fever for the last 4-5 years. The fever comes generally in the daytime and during the summer months (April~October). During the daytime the temperature hovers around 99.5-99.7 degrees F. At night the temperature goes down to 98 degrees F and sometimes as low as 97 degrees F.I find the temperature in the day very debilitating and exhausting.Could you tell me what could be the causes of my temperature and how it may be cured or diagnosed ?

A:I am unaware of any disease which causes fever only in the summer. Also a lot of people without disease have the temperatures you mention and this may simply reflect the response of your body to the higher ambient temperature in summer. I am reasonably sure that you do not have a disease process to explain this because if you did in 5 years it should have become manifest. I do not know whether you live in a hot climate but if you do the tiredness and lethargy may be a reflection of the water and electrolyte losses that increase in the summer because of excessive sweating. I would suggest you see your physician for your symptoms and if no cause is found then please increase your fluid intake and take a pinch (about a 1/4 flat teaspoon) of salt every other day during the summer. I hope this helps.


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