Lichen planus

Q: My doctor has diagnosed me to be suffering from Lichen planus. I want to know the reason for this ailment and why it has attacked me. What should I do to prevent it from occuring again in future and how can I remove the scars from my skin?

A:Lichen planus is a self limiting disease which runs a variable course. The black scars fade away gradually on their own. Medicines are given when the disease is active; when the eruptions are raised and itchy. The medicine and its dose is decided by the severity and extent of the disease. It results from an aberrant response of the immunological system, to a number of products which vary from person to person. When the disease is in active phase, eruptions of LP may appear at any injury site. Therefore, during such phases, protect yourself from injuries e.g. scratches, insect bites, etc.


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