Kidney stones

Q: Can you tell me how ureteric stones are formed. How can it be removed, if not by oral medicines? Is any organ affected by these stones? Which is the best method and hospital for treatment?

A:Thanks for the appreciation you have shown for the site. I assure you that the efforts will continue to keep it up. Ureteric stones are formed in kidney and from kidney they may drop down into the ureter. The cause of stone formation is still not completely understood but some factors like diet,water intake,and heredity and climate are known to be important. There are no medicines that would definitely remove a stone in the ureter in all patients. Majority of the ureteric stones which are less than 6 mm in width will come out only by drinking more water (3-4 Litres)/day. Occasionally antispasmodics may help spontaneous passage. The kidney is the organ which gets damaged by ureteric stone. If there is a good reason for surgical intervention then the kind of treatment is decided by the location of the stone in the ureter. If it high, ESWL or lithotripsy may be done if kidney is functioning, otherwise for high stones PCNL may have to be done. For the stones lower in the ureter, endoscopic (ureteroscopic) removal is needed and is the best choice. Avoid the so called basketing. You can get your stones removed (if removal is required) by any urologist having over one year of experience in practice. Get it done at a hospital where the operation and anaesthesia facilities are full. Do not compromise on the anaesthesia and OT facility.


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