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Is varicocoele very painful?

Q: I have some queries related to varicocoele. I suffer from this disease and realised this at the beginning of this year after marriage. I felt pain in my lower abdomen which a doctor said was probably due to the extra hanging effect of left testicle. At the start, the pain was very minimal and irregular but now it is more and sort of disturbing as well as affecting my life. I consulted my doctor again and he told me that I will have to live with this pain. The only option available is a surgical one which itself cannot guarantee the removal of pain. The pain is so severe at times that I feel like my left leg losing power or feeling quite weak in left leg. One thing more, if I pour some cold water over the testicles, its perfectly all right for sometime. I am really confused at these symptoms. Could you advise me for some remedial procedures based on the information as given above? Otherwise, I dont feel any other problem while releasing my urine or any sort of pain or irregularity.

A:Pain due to varicocoele is usually dragging and hence your account of pain is rather atypical and needs confirmation of the fact whether you have significant varicocele to account for the pain. Varicocele pain should get relieved with supporting your testicles with tight (jockey) underwear or langot - you could try the same. Your pain is most likely anorchalgia and should get better with mazetol 200 mg twice a day. I would advise you to take this medicine only after seeking concurrence from your doctor.


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