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Is unprotected sex safe three months after vasectomy?

Q: I am a 44 years old male. I had non-surgical vasectomy (NSV) done about three months back. After three months and about 25 ejaculations, I got my semen tested. In the result sperm count is about 0.2 Millions but all non-motile. I would like to know why there are sperms even after 3 months and with 25 ejaculations. What is relevance of non-motile sperms? Is it safe not to take any contraceptive?

A:Usually the semen becomes free of sperms within 3 months of vasectomy operation. However, occasionally, it can take a bit longer time to become completely sperm free. Till the semen becomes absolultely sperm free, it is better to use a contraceptive to prevent pregnancy. Non-motile sperms mean that they have lost the capacity "move" and hence can't result in pregnancy.


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