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Is two hours of daily exercise too much?

Q: My wife is 29 years, weighs 61 kg and is 5.5 feet in height. She used to exercise 4 days a week, 2 hours per day. This includes 45 minute - 1 hour brisk walking, 30 minutes of cycling and whole body exercises in the gym. One day, she suddenly fell from the walking machine and fainted. Her pressure is 110-70. She has no chest pain but her head spins sometimes. Could you suggest any diagnostic tests?

A:You wife is exercising for too long at a stretch. A good time allowance is about an hour at a stretch. She can break it up into little slots of 10-20 minutes in the day also, if 60 minutes is too much. If cardio workout is being done on one day then maybe free hand whole body exercises can be done on another day. It looks like she tends to have low blood pressure, so she must eat at least an hour before her exercises. A good option would be oats, bananas, potatoes or any carbohydrate-rich food. Spreading out the workout is much better than doing it all together. And fit into your lifestyle so that there is a comfort level rather than making it a chore.


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