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Is transplantation of the adrenal glands possible?

Q: I am suffering from Addison' disease. I have completed AKT for 18 months and am currently on replacemnt therapy (10 mg of predisolone [Wysolone] daily-5 mg in the morning and 5mg in the evening). With the above dose the electrolytes are normal. 1) Is there any hospital/nursing home/clinic in any part of the world (USA, Europe etc) which specialises in the treatment of or transplantation of adrenal glands. 2)Is there any journal which gives updated information on the research being done on the treatment of adrenals. 3) What are the chances of my adrenals reviving? 4) Is there any other medication homeopathy/ayurveda)/exercise/restrictions/ food/fruits which helps in reviving the adrenals? 5) How to prevent increase in weight?

A:1. To the best of my knowledge no one anywhere in the world is looking at adrenal transplantation, because replacement is simple and inexpensive, while the costs and complications of any organ tranplantation are very high, and so are the costs and complications of post transplant care and medication. 2. Research findings related to adrenal glands are regularly published in scientific medical journals, but that is not of much use to the layperson. 3. Adrenal fuction does recover in some persons after recovery from tuberculosis. You could ask your doctor to consider admitting you for getting an ACTH stimulation test after 1-2 days of stopping Wysolone. 4. I am not aware of any way of reviving the adrenals, and would strongly suggest caution and avoidance of quackery. 5. Make sure you are exercising regularly, and not taking too many calories; avoid fried foods; make sure cooking oil use is moderate; use low fat milk; take plenty of fruits and salads. Make sure you do not take high doses of Wysolone. I would suggest you get in touch with a good endocrinologist who should coordinate care with your physician.


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