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Is there something wrong with my daughter?

Q: My 10 years old daughter cannot understand everything. She can talk well and is not mad but she is very slow and very sensitive. She is unable to concentrate at one place and her mind is unstable. She is very active and is in the 4th standard. She is unable to concentrate at school so we are teaching her at home. She has a good memory but does not use it. She knows most of the answers but will not write in the exam. She is not behaving like a normal child. We visited some doctors but they say that she will recover after some time. Kindly help us.

A:Just as there are many kinds of flowers in the garden, there are many kinds of children. There is no need for all of them to be normal and exactly like each other. Your daughter is good at doing some things. Consider her strengths first and build upon them. Give her an opportunity to do well. If she likes music or painting, give her time for them. If she is not writing her exams, try and explain to the teachers and ask them for help in encouraging her. But do not push her to be just like the others. Let her take her time to grow. Give her warmth and tenderness and keep her happy. The school success will follow.


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