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Is there something wrong with my daughter?

Q: I have a four years old daughter. She is very moody and gets angry all of a sudden. She never tells that she has an urge to urinate unless she urinates a little in her clothes. When asked to write numbers and alphabets, she ends up writing them inverted. Please advise.

A:Please get your child seen by a good paediatrician or by a psychologist. It is not usual for children to get angry without a reason. As for laterally inverting letters, it is done by many children. It is not serious. However, if it persists for two years more, she may be considered dyslexic. There are many children who are dyslexic and can definitely be helped by experts. Do not force her to write. She probably finds it difficult. Read out to her and let her learn to speak the language before writing it.


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