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Is there something wrong with my child?

Q: I have a 3 years old son. Since both my wife and me are working, we leave our child with his maternal grand parents, while we are at work. Now we have got him back to stay with us. He has a got a strange habit of smelling everything like - perfume, phenyl, food, petrol, soil, clothes, flowers, etc. We have tried explaining to him that he should stop this habit. But he always says that he likes smelling. He just inhales the smell once or twice and then moves on. He is a normal child with a good understanding, friendly, throwing tantrums as any normal kid does in this age. What can be done to change this habit? Could this be linked to bringing him to stay with us. Is it a behavioural problem? Do I need to consult a psychologist? I'm really scared. Please help me.

A:I don't see any harm in the child experimenting with his senses, as long as he is not totally pre-occupied with it. If you find it disturbing, all you need to do is, distract him and make him engage in some other activity. It is important not to scold or ridicule him, for this. Just ignore, distract him if needed and let go. He will change it on his own.


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