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Is there any permanent cure for tonsillitis?

Q: I frequently suffer from tonsillitis(sore throat) because of which I also get cold and fever especially when there is change of season. One of the doctor's has suggested tonsillectomy to get rid of it permanently. Is there any permanent cure for tonsils? Can I undergo a surgery for Rs 4000/-? I am 25 years old now, does age matter for an operation as I heard that the operation should be done before 21 years, is it true?

A:Yes, but only if it is definite that the tonsil is infected and not inflamed because of allergy or other disease. If the infection source is removed, the person becomes okay. This is done by repeated throat swabs, blood tests and other tests of the tonsil, like FNAC etc. In your case one has to be sure to rule out allergy as a cause. I can't comment on the exact cost of the surgery.


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