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Is there any chance of reviving damaged kidneys?

Q: My father is suffering from IgA nephropathy with glomerulosclerosis. The doctors say that the kidneys cannot be revived and that the complete functionality is gone and that throughout his life he has to undergo dialysis. Moreover I do not have the funds to support such long term dialysis. I hope there is an alternate way of reviving the kidneys and if so, please suggest me a less cost effective method. I require the above information urgently so that I can save my father.

A:Your father has IgA Nephropathy, which is one of the most common primary kidney disease worldwide. As many as 30% of patients suffering from kidney disease develop end stage kidney failure. While there are some treatment options available, they are likely to be futile in your fathers case because he has fairly advanced disease. Unfortunately, treatment options for your father are very limited and they include dialysis therapy or kidney transplantation. And, there is no way of reviving the damaged kidneys since they have irreparably scarred.


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