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Is there an alternative to a morning walk?

Q: I am a 53 years old male. I have two stents in my heart and titanium screws fitted to L4 and L5 of spine. The road outside my home is totally busted and therefore, I cannot go for walks. Is there any alternate method of exercise instead of morning walk? Is it safe for me to use belt walker at home?

A:Unfortunately, we are not all blessed with near perfect walking conditions but that does not mean we give up our endeavour to be fit by the simplest way of attaining health benefits and that is walking. Creativity here comes in handy when we can learn to find ways in which we can mimic the same bodily responses. So look for walking up and down the staircase as one method, cruising a long corridor as another, the walk to the grocers as a third, trying to find your way to the office or looking at creating a path within your own drawing room. If there is a will, you have to make it a way in which you find your goal. If you invest in a cycle or a treadmill, then go ahead and get started. If you have got yourself checked by your cardiologist and your orthopaedic specialist, then neither of the conditions you have mentioned should be a hindrance.


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