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Is the small growth inside my scrotal sac a serious condition?

Q: I have dicovered a small oval shaped growth (like a ball) just above my right testis. This round thing hangs inside my scrotum sac when I stand straight. I can feel a thread holding it when I touch my sac. Its held by a small thread like thing at both ends coming from my right testis. The growth is not on the sac or on any of my testis. I don't get pain when I touch it. When I lie down I can see this growth protruding a little. I don't remember having this from my childhood. But I feel that this could be a blood clot, which has occurred when I fell while I was running down the road and tripped on a stone. I bruised my legs and sprained my hand. I didn't have any pain in my groin. I went to the hospital and the doctor after examining the x-ray said that I should come back if I get blood in urine. Which I never had. It was soon after that that I found this growth. Its been almost four years now. There is no problem with my sac. I searched the net and read about hydroceles. I am too shy to go the doctor. Is it very serious? Will it affect my fertility in future? Is there any medication available for this? This growth inside my sac sometimes becomes small and sometimes goes big. Its like a balloon which inflates then deflates. I masturbate a lot, is it because of that? When I masturbate I stop just before I eject. Is that bad? When I don't masturbate for 2-3 days, the size of the growth reduces. I also have high blood pressure. Though its not that serious as suggested by the doctor. I carried out colour doppler test on my kidneys, it was normal. Is my blood pressure problem related to this condition.

A:You seem to be having what is called spermatocele or hydrocele of the cord or it may a hernia which is in evolution. The final answer is easy to give by simple physical examination. In any case, all these things are harmless. These will not affect your fertility. If you cant see a doctor in your town, see a urologist in other town or get a scrotal ultrasound. You are worrying a lot for a small problem. Rather than having mental tesion, get it over by seeing a doctor even if it embarrasses you. Be sure, this has no relation to your masturbation or the way you do it.


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