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Is the pinching sensation in my bladder due to stone?

Q: I am 30 years old weighing 65 kg and 168 cm tall. I had a 4 mm stone in my right ureter in the lower part. I took cystone and some homeopathic medicine with plenty of water daily. I got an ultrasound done, and the stone was not visible. Also, I have got rid of that sharp back pain, but now I have started getting a pinching sensation in my urinary bladder, especially after urinating in the morning. This occurs for 20-30 minutes, and then goes off on its own. During the period when I get this pinching sensation, I urinate 5-6 times and each time I feel relaxed. I have taken urine test and ultrasound of kidneys, and all the reports are normal. Is the pinching sensation due to stone? What is its treatment?

A:You definitely have a tendency to form stones and should be vigilant. It may be difficult to localise 4 mm stone if it is against bone shadows or preparation for the x-ray is not good. Ultrasound too is not very sensitive to identify stone from other artefacts. Your symptoms suggest that the stone has dropped down to either the lower end of the ureter or to the bladder. The symptoms you report are indicative of the same. The best course would be to just treat your symptoms with pain killers and you will pass the stone of your own. In any case you should consult a urologist who will advise you on what you should be done in the current state as well as how should you minimise the possible recurrence of the stone disease.


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