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Is the pain in the body due to my stomach problems?

Q: I have a chronic problem for the past 10 years. I get excessive gas formation on an empty stomach. This leads to a sharp pain in the chest and then in my arms and head. The pain also travels from the side of the thighs to the side of calf muscle and to the foot. After having food, lying down gives immediate but limited relief. Rolling on the left and right allows some gas to pass from the anus which gives relief. I don't have stomach pain. I can feel some tenderness and sensitivity when I feel near the navel. I think its a case of an overly sensitive neurological sensory system that contributes to this, often referred to as visceral hypersensitivity, which leads to pain spreading from stomach to chest, arms, legs and the head. Taking spicy and fatty food creates more stomach trouble. Fatty food elongates the time period of pain. I have taken tons of ranitidine and H2 blocker in past so many years. I have also taken Reglan and Domstal. The condition has improved but still persists. All kinds of tests have been done. Endoscopy, barium meal, colonoscopy, stool test (Loose) etc. I was treated for esopagatitis and non-ulcer dyspepsia. Last endoscopy shows normal. I was treated with antidepressant for one year.(Prothadien ). I also have chronic pharyngitis. I have taken aspirin and antibiotics for sore throat, which is partly the reason for the inflammation of stomach. I have chronic dandruff.

A:You should omit spices and milk from your diet. Take extra curds. Eat biscuits with tea. Do not attempt to bring out gas from the mouth. Try and avoid milk.


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