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Is talking while sleeping by children unusual?

Q: My younger son who is about 8 years old often gets up in the night and starts telling his day time activities like what he has learnt in his music school, how he was chased in the field by his friends etc. and even sometimes starts crying. But all this time he does not remain in his senses. It lasts for 3-4 minutes. When I get his eyes washed and send him to the toilet then everything becomes normal. During the day hours he is perfectly all right and active. These type of incidents are happening after an interval of every 2-3 days. Is it related with any neurological problem? If not what may be the reason? Please reply.

A:What you have described is not unusual at all. Many children do get up at night and try to walk or talk. This is a growing phase and will change. But you are perfectly right to be concerned about it. The cause for such behaviour is not fully known. However, children who are excitable tend to remember the days happenings and mentally live through them again. Most of us do the same by dreaming. In your sons case, the dreaming has a bit of action attached to it. What you are doing is the best thing. In addition, it may be better if you spend some more time talking to him about school and his friends. He may be able to express his feelings and gradually sleep better. Probably, there is not enough time for chatting, as he does his homework and then it is a rush to get through dinner and get him to bed. If you ask him questions brusquely and directly he will say: 'Nothing happened in school', chat with him and tell him what your day was like. Tell him a funny story or about some news item that might interest him. Then he will start telling you what he feels and thinks. It is also a good idea to teach him some prayer and get him quite calm before he falls asleep. The investment of your time and affection is the most important one that you can make. Do not give him any drug to quieten him. Do not take him to a doctor who will alarm you. Your son has a minor problem which is most likely to settle itself. It is not a neurological problem. Relax and enjoy your parenting!


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