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Is surgery the only way of treating vocal chord polyp?

Q: I am a 40 years old male experiencing hoarseness in my voice and sore throat for the last two months. I took medicines and did hot water gargling but it didn't help. An ENT specialist who did endoscopy said that I have a Vocal Chord Polyp and the only way to remove it is by surgery. Can no medicine cure my problem? Even if I go for surgery, what are the chances that the problem would recur? Is the surgery risky?

A:The definitive treatment for a vocal cord polyp is surgical removal. It serves two purposes - removes the lesion and thus restores your vocal cord and also provides a diagnosis as the polyp is sent for further examination. The chance of recurrence is small and depends on how it is removed and the nature of the lesion. Whether it is cancerous or not can only be confirmed by sending it for examination.


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