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Is surgery necessary for gyanecomastia?

Q: My 17 years old son has large breasts, which are causing him a lot of embarrassment in college. There is no tenderness in the region. His height is about 5 feet 9 inches and weight is 80 kg. He has also been diagnosed with Wilson's Disease about 2 years ago and has been taking 4 tablets of Pencillamine 250 mg daily. Last year, a paediatric surgeon suggested to undergo surgery. Is Wilson's disease the cause of gynaecomastia or the medications, which he is taking for it? Will the condition recur even after surgery? Will reducing weight solve the problem?

A:He should not be eighty kilos, and you should take steps to get his weight down. Consult your physician, who will recommend a dietician. Wilson's disease should not cause gynaecomastia. I am not an expert on Wilson's, however, and you should check with your physician. Liver failure does cause gynaecomastia, but your son's liver function is fine, I presume. As of now, I am quite certain that your son's condition is not caused by Wilson's. Penicillamine does not cause gynaecomastia, to the best of my knowledge. Cross check with your physician. Your son's gynaecomastia results from a hormonal disturbance, not uncommon at his age. However, his excess weight contributes to it. If the breasts are really large, he needs surgery. Weight reduction will not cure the gynaecomastia, but he must lose weight nevertheless. Get the surgery done now. No need to wait. Of course, the operation is not an emergency, and is conducted only for cosmetic and social reasons. The condition will not recur after surgery. Losing weight will not solve the problem.


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