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Is surgery a safe option to cure nasal polyps?

Q: I am 21 years old. I have a polyp on both sides of my nose. Due to this I have difficulty in breathing. I have taken many medicines, but the problem still persists. I got a C.T. scan done, the doctor told me to go in for a surgery. Is it right to go in for a surgery or should I stick to medicines and sprays? What are the side effects of steroids and antibiotics if taken for a long time? What types of surgeries are available at present to overcome this problem and which one is the best?

A:Age is not a problem for any surgical option for polyps. I feel a surgical option is the best for you now because the medical therapy has not helped you for so long. Surgery is done by nasal endoscopes now with no scarring or any cut on the out side on the face or nose. So you should go in for this option. Steroids as nasal sprays are not harmful even on prolonged use but in full blown polyps, it may not help much.


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