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Is snoring and chest pain related?

Q: I have a deviated nasal septum - its blocked in my right nostril. I've been this way since birth. I snore loudly every night and often have chest pain or spasms which are very painful. I've had a stress test, CT scan which all have been negative. Now they want to do a bone scan also. My question is that is it possible that the cause of my pain is that I am not getting enough oxygen to my heart because of my deviated septum and could that also be the reason that I am tired all the time?

A:You snore, get frequents spasms, feel tired all day - all these are significant enough to suggest that you may have Obstructive Sleep Apnoea. Though chest pain is not a very common complaint in such patients, it can be related and can be found out by a Polysomnograhy or a sleep test. Deviated septum is an associated defect that you have and does not cause this disease, though it does play a role in exaggerating and worsening snoring. I think you should see an ENT doctor and get investigated for Sleep Apnea.


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