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Is skin grafting procedure safe in penile curvature surgery?

Q: I am a 23 years old male with congenital penile curvature (downward curvature). The doctor has suggested surgery as the curvature can create complications later on in my life. The doctor has looked into details of my problem and also had consultation with his colleagues and has advised Nesbit surgery. He has also suggested skin grafting procedure. The doctor told me that the medications would be given to me for a couple of weeks to avoid getting erection so that internal healing can be done. My penile length is 5.2 cm. Is skin grafting procedure safe?

A:Nesbit operation is a common procedure for Congenital Curvature of Penis (CCP) but sometimes grafting technique may be needed specially if the curvature is more severe. Grafting procedures may also cause less shortening of penis, which commonly occurs after Nesbit operation. Preoperative examination and post-erection photograph become very important in decision-making. I am not sure how severe your curvature is. As for as circumcision is concerned, it is usually performed during these operations in order to prevent future foreskin related complications but some recent studies have suggested doing circumcision only if foreskin is tight (phimosis) or in case of revisional surgery.


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