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Is running a good cardio-vascular exercise?

Q: Is running a good cardio-vascular exercise? If yes, then for how long should one run daily? Is running enough to keep ones heart healthy?

A:Yes, it is a good way to keep your heart healthy. Running is a good cardio-vascular exercise and I would prescribe jogging if: 1. You have been jogging for a long time. 2. The surface ground you use is soft and yielding. 3. You are not overweight. 4. You do not suffer from any joint problems or osteoporosis, or even headaches. 5. Your shoes are of a good make so that they can absorb some of the impact. Your frequency could vary depending on your duration and the intensity. Anywhere from 2-6 times a week will be a good way to continue getting the heart benefits done for 15-60 minutes at a time.


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